PLEASE NOTE: If your party size is 8 up to 35 people, please fill our booking form HERE


We don’t take large bookings on Saturdays, only tables up to 7 people. 


-Our gluten-free items are prepared in a common kitchen.

-While we take steps to minimise the likelihood of exposure to flour, our gluten-free items are not recommended for guests with Celiac or any other gluten-sensitive disorder.

-Bookings are valid for 1.5 hr from the time of reservation for tables up to 4 people. For tables of 5 up to 7 people, bookings are valid for 1.45 from the time of reservation. 

-We accept bookings only for lunch or dinner meals only. Walk-ins are welcome for coffees and drinks. 

-Our pre-theatre menu is available every Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Not applicable on Bank Holidays or Half-Term weeks. 

Book with opentable up to 7 people only